WIP: Weasley is Our King


A Golden Trio is never a trio with two… Ron being excruciatingly important to the team. I hate how unappreciated he is!  This guy deserves more attention, he was so brave, and such a great dynamic character.


WIP: The Brightest Witch of Her Age

So, I’m not even done with Harry (which you can go see in this post), but, I’ve started the second part of the Golden Trio. Those losers are so much fun to draw.

(Also, I’m really into the whole African descent Hermione, especially for the hair!)

Toph is blind


Toph: “There it is!”

Everyone else:*looks around*

Everyone else: *Glares at Toph, disapproving of her blind jokes*

Toph: “That’s what it will sound like when one of you SPOTS it.

Toph:*exaggeratedly waves hands in front of her eyes*

You can tell I got lazy around the end.

I feel this was great practice for comics. They are really hard and the composition structure is difficult to put together and it takes too long! You probably can’t read the comic… oh well.

This was fun! I’ve been wanting to draw this scene for a long time… and here we go!

(I can never draw Katara it’s so annoying!!!!)

Copyright Avatar the Last Airbender by Mike and Bryan.

Art by me!


Guess Who?


I don’t know what went wrong with my scanner. But anyways, I’ll be posting updates on this drawing. In the meantime, guess who it is? (It’s from a book series…)



Am I obsessed with this show?

Yeah, you could say that.


Also, Aang is too cool not to draw. I have a better one, this came out weird, but here you go. He’s from Avatar the Last Airbender. Go watch it. 🙂

Also, does anyone else notice that Toph is the only one with a last name?

Nico di Angelo


I love this guy, he’s really cool. He was misunderstood for so much of his life, and still is. I mean, imagine not being from the same time period as you friends, and what we learn in House of Hades… Nico has been through a lot. For those of you who don’t know, Nico is from the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

On drawing him: At first, he was pretty boring to color in. Drawing him was fun, but the main colors I used first were black and “sand.” But as I was re-reading House of Hades, Hazel describes him as slightly greenish. I don’t know if you see that in the scan, but I tried to add a bit of green. I put gold and brown in his hair, just for some interest. I drew bags in his eyes, because of what he’s been through, and it was also pretty fun to draw a hint of olive skin he had when he was little. I used colored pencils.

That squiggly in the corner is my signature. 😛 Please credit me!

Sorry I haven’t posted my own art, or really any posts in so long. Busy, you see, and I’ve been taking a lot of time to color these harder to color things.


Son of Posiedon


“Don’t feel bad, I’m usually about to die”

-Percy Jackson, Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

So, yeah, finally drew this guy so that he actually looks like how I imagine him, and is his age. All of my other attempts mad him look too old or too young. Stay tuned, there’s more Percy to come!


Conceal, Edit


In case you haven’t seen on my older post of Elsa from Frozen, I added this scanned picture of it. I think I’m going to redraw this, and color it, make her cape way longer, as it is in the movie, and straighten up a few things. But here’s my little doodle again.

Here’s her part that this is based on, in First Time in Forever:

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see

Be the good girl, you always have to be,

Conceal, Don’t feel

Put on a show! Make one wrong move and everyone will know…


Don’t feel, Put on a show! Make one wrong move and everyone will know….

picture005 (2)

A Drawing of Elsa from Frozen.

I really like this movie, even though it wasn’t the best. What I liked was the moral, how the characters were expressed (especially Anna) and the music. Honestly, Let it Go is amazing, and I had it stuck in my head for the past three months. 😀

Please credit me.

I know, These are really bad pictures. I really need to start using the scanner! Oh, and sorry for the lined paper. I begin to draw something without noticing that I need real paper.

Thanks to anyone following, and reading this blog!

Edit: Ah, I scanned it!