Art by me, Isa.

It’s based on this photo I found using Google:

SailingPhotoI used oil pastels, and I think it came out pretty okay. I usually only sketch, so pastels is  a bit different, though I have used them before. I wish the color would be a bit warmer, and stronger. Oh, well. Otherwise, I feel very happy about this.

As I go sailing

Towards a blazing sun

I see that the day is ending

But an adventure has begun.

That’s also by me, it just popped out of my head. 🙂

I hope you like it!



Hi Guys!

I’m a real newbie at blogging, and I love all the people who are following, liking, and commenting. Remember, I would always love your feedback, and I don’t care that you criticize my art, because I always want to get better. (just don’t be mean) I have an amazing artist following my blog already, and I bet anybody could give me feedback. I love all you guys! I thank all of you guys for viewing this, you are amazing!


Here’s an oil pastel drawing of a flower. I can’t really name the flower, but this is mainly abstract.

Thank you!