My Hero Monday: Stephanie Kwolek

So, I’m participating in the February My Hero Monday linkup! This was created by Chloe @ Free As A Girl With Wings, (click on the picture below) an awesome blogger and feminist, who created this linkup to acknowledge, celebrate, and learn about women from history, literature, movies an media! This month: Someone who invented something. Let’s begin!


Name: Stephanie Kwolek

Date of Birth: July 21, 1923 (died July 18, 2014)

Schools: She attended Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Institute of Technology (source, Google)

Where did I first hear about her?: I was reading a book about famous women inventors in the second grade, and her name came up. I thought that this woman was amazing, and what she made: Kevlar was simply fascinating, and it’s used in so many places!

What makes her one of my heroes? : Stephanie Kwolek had difficult times in her childhood, but she went on to become a scientist. Eventually, she discovered Kevlar, a super-strong plastic, 5 times stronger than steel,  that is made of polymers, and is used anywhere where strength is need under lot’s of weight. You can find Kevlar in armor, gloves, tires, shoes, ropes, race cars, and even some airplanes. There is no doubt that Kwolek made a huge contribution to science.

Quotes: “I don’t think there’s anything like saving someone’s life to bring you satisfaction and happiness.”

“I tell young people to reach for the stars. And I can’t think of a greater high than you could possibly get than by inventing something.”

 I hoped you liked this My Hero Monday! Check out all the other ones!


Friday Fact: UV Light and Sunscreen

I was always told that sunscreen was always the way to go, because it prevented skin cancer and spots on you skin. I am outside in bright sunlight for long periods of time in the summer, because of swimming. Also, for swimming, it’s not just my face that get’s affected.

Wear sunscreen, guys. It doesn’t take too long, at least rub some onto your face, and arms if exposed.

Also, the song in the background is really cool.

Friday Fact: Music, and our Brain


Just a hundred more reasons to play an instrument.

Looks like I’ll finally get better at chess.

But seriously, THIS VIDEO! I play the piano and the viola, and at some points of this video, I get really excited because I know exactly what it’s talking about. I learned so much, this video was just great.

Also, did you know that playing an instrument may prevent Alzheimer’s Disease? (As does speaking a second language! Two points for me!)

Haha, Interesting Fact of the Week just became Interesting Fact of the Month. I’ll have to to tag it something else.

Friday Fact: Hair and Star Stuff

So, it’s not so scientific, but statistical info I am going to give you today.

Because I am so random, this week is about hair.

According to a survey conducted by Tresemme, a brand of shampoo, the average woman spends $50,000 on her hair in her lifetime. Each year we spend $160 on shampoos and conditioners. We spend $520 on haircuts. So, if you think about it, that really adds up. More money than we think goes to our hair.

Not only is it money that we spend, but time as well. Most women spend at least an hour and twenty minutes a week doing their hair. And that also accumulates. By the time they reach 65 years of age, they have spent six or seven months doing their hair.

In other words, if you are running out of ways to save money and time, be bald.


Of course, since I love COSMOS, here’s Neil deGrasse Tyson for you:


Now, this is because the whole universe is made of the same things. With the Big Bang, several elements were sent throughout the universe. They made the stars and therefore us, goes the theory. The element thing is proven, not too much the reason.

Well, I hope you liked this statistical Fact of the Week!

Last week: Solar Freakin’ Roadways

Before: Frawnhoffer Lines

Friday Fact: Solar (Freakin’) Roadways

I found this re-blogged on Burdge’s Tumblr, and I thought it was pretty interesting.

Basically, two people invented solar panels with LED lights in them, and had the idea to replace any driveways, roads, even cement sport courts with them. This new invention is a hexagonal solar panel, with will serve as an ideal road, but also as a solar panel, generating energy to use in our homes. Paved roads serve the purpose of being roads, but how cool would it be to have them generate energy as well?

With the lights, not only will cities look futuristic and like Tron, but can also help drivers see ahead at night, and can even have pressure sensors to detect any animals crossing the road.

The only thing is: how much would this cost? How long would it take to even out with how much we pay, or to generate enough jobs, or even enough energy? Could someone even hack the highway? (also seen on Burdge’s Tumblr, I thought it was funny, but a possibility.)

Imagine our world going from this:


To this:


I hope you liked this week’s interesting fact!

Last week: Frawnhofer Lines

Happy Memorial Day!




Friday FAct: Frawnhofer Lines

After watching an episode of COSMOS, which is very similar to NOVA, being mind-blowing science documentary things, Neil deGrasse Tyson explained something mind-boggling, and I found it very interesting.

Now, when you shine light through a prism, it comes out as a rainbow, or, to be specific, a spectrum.

When you shine light through a prism through a telescope, one scientist: Fraunhofer, discovered that dark lines appear in the spectrum. These are now known as Fraunhoffer lines.


The lines, it was discovered were actually the shadows of the electron in an atom. The number of shadows is the number of electrons in the atom that is in whatever you are shining light at. Therefore, if you shine light on a diamond, the spectrum has 6 shadows (carbon).

If this isn’t amazing enough, using light, we can find what the Observable Universe is made of, simply by shining light at it. Using light, it was found that The universe is made of all the same elements.



So, I hope you like this new Fact of the Week thing, I will try to keep up with it. A lot of it is for my benefit, just to write it down and see if I get it. But I hope you guys will all like it as well!