Friday Fact: UV Light and Sunscreen

I was always told that sunscreen was always the way to go, because it prevented skin cancer and spots on you skin. I am outside in bright sunlight for long periods of time in the summer, because of swimming. Also, for swimming, it’s not just my face that get’s affected.

Wear sunscreen, guys. It doesn’t take too long, at least rub some onto your face, and arms if exposed.

Also, the song in the background is really cool.


Friday Fact: Cocoa Bean Farming

Watch the video.

This marveled me. To work, and not know what you help make, having no idea what’s going to become of your labor is a difficult concept to imagine.

Friday Fact: Music, and our Brain


Just a hundred more reasons to play an instrument.

Looks like I’ll finally get better at chess.

But seriously, THIS VIDEO! I play the piano and the viola, and at some points of this video, I get really excited because I know exactly what it’s talking about. I learned so much, this video was just great.

Also, did you know that playing an instrument may prevent Alzheimer’s Disease? (As does speaking a second language! Two points for me!)

Haha, Interesting Fact of the Week just became Interesting Fact of the Month. I’ll have to to tag it something else.

Friday Fact: Solar (Freakin’) Roadways

I found this re-blogged on Burdge’s Tumblr, and I thought it was pretty interesting.

Basically, two people invented solar panels with LED lights in them, and had the idea to replace any driveways, roads, even cement sport courts with them. This new invention is a hexagonal solar panel, with will serve as an ideal road, but also as a solar panel, generating energy to use in our homes. Paved roads serve the purpose of being roads, but how cool would it be to have them generate energy as well?

With the lights, not only will cities look futuristic and like Tron, but can also help drivers see ahead at night, and can even have pressure sensors to detect any animals crossing the road.

The only thing is: how much would this cost? How long would it take to even out with how much we pay, or to generate enough jobs, or even enough energy? Could someone even hack the highway? (also seen on Burdge’s Tumblr, I thought it was funny, but a possibility.)

Imagine our world going from this:


To this:


I hope you liked this week’s interesting fact!

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Happy Memorial Day!