Guess Who?


I don’t know what went wrong with my scanner. But anyways, I’ll be posting updates on this drawing. In the meantime, guess who it is? (It’s from a book series…)


5 thoughts on “Guess Who?

    • Isa @ A Doodler's Freedom says:

      Oh well, someone will guess it. Thank you! The braid was hard, I haven’t drawn many. I worked hard on the hands, thank you. It’s very rarely that they miraculously come out right. BTW, I know exactly what you mean, hands are just a detail that is meant to be caught.

      • magicandwriting583 says:

        Ah. *waits to see other people’s guesses*

        Yeah, braids can be a bit tricky sometimes. Yes, absolutely! I will admit that I’ve often not drawn the figures and just made it vague, but it’s strangely so satisfying to get those fingers and palms and have them turn out right.

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