My Hero Monday: Annabeth Chase

Annabeth is a character from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. This is an excellent series, and you should totally check it out!
Annabeth is one of my fictional character inspirations because she is simply just awesome. Being the daughter of Athena, she is smart. She does not have any super powers like other demigods, but she doesn’t need them. She can speak for herself without a problem, and almost always without doubting herself. She thinks through things, and does it herself. Even though she does love her Seaweed Brain, she can survive (but not live) without him, which is a great thing to find in strong young women.
Annabeth strives to do her best, and she is one of my heroes for being that way.

(Art By Viria)


Thanks Chloe, this was tons of fun! I look forward to making more!



The Seven’s Eyes

I had no idea what to draw so I drew this:

001 (2)

Wait, why doesn’t it show up on the reader? That’s not fair. There’s an image here I promise. If you see one, ignore what I said.

At the corner, away from the drawing of the night sky, you see the seven from the prophecy as I see their eyes. I am super sorry that my first drawing on my blog of these guys has to be like this.

So, before I tell you who is who, I want you to guess.

[sings Jeopardy theme song]

OK? Top row:

Annabeth, Jason, Leo, and kind of downwards, is Frank

Bottom row:

Hazel, Percy, Piper.

Ah, well stay tuned for Heroes of Olympus stuff.