Sing Us a Song

“You’re the Piano Man”

002 (2)Except that in this drawing, it’s not a man. Because I can’t draw men, guys, or boys. I’m getting so much better now though, and I’ve been practicing on Harry Potter and Percy Jackson (the characters).


Anyways, I love this song and it was stuck in my head a couple of days so I drew a piano!

I’ve never drawn one before, so it’s going under Doodle Exploration.


Sketch Dump


Traffic signs, a pillow, and a sandwich.

Join Me in Drawing Random Things!


Even though I love to draw and doodle, there is only too much that is missing from my collection of doodles. It ranges from lions to elaborate patterns to hair to fish and superheroes. But I am missing several things and people, so I declare this project: Operation Doodle. I ask you to join me and tell your friends about this.

Operation Doodle, or maybe Exploration Doodle, I don’t know, will be a practice for any artists out there to explore the world and draw everything around you, a very difficult feat. We need to explore and discover the simplicity or difficulty in drawing things, and realize what we have been missing out on, and never be uninspired again! Who’s With Me?!!!

For those of you who don’t know where to start, here’s a list of things I haven’t drawn yet. (warning: It might get strange at some points…)

What to draw:

-A pillow

-Traffic Signs

-Someone talking on the phone

-Someone watching a movie

-Harry Potter as a girl

-You playing the violin

-Hakuna Matata (whatever comes to mind when you think of it)

-A lake

-A jungle


-A scooter

-A kid sad because his/her ice cream fell to the sidewalk

-A motorcycle

-Severus Snape with a pet duck

-Voldemort with a nose

-Disney princess at a rock concert

-The country you live in (from memory)

-A rocket

-Someone dancing Gangam Style

-Clarrisse la Rue from Percy Jackson

-A pinata

-The cover of your favorite book

-A sandwich

Ah, that’s about as much as I can think of right now. Actually, I was lying, I have a lot more, but I’ll leave some up to you guys. Please join me, and explore the possibilities in both real life and in your imagination! Tag it Doodle Exploration!

What have you not drawn yet? Tell me, and I’ll see if I can draw it too!