About My Blog


HI! I welcome you to my blog. (this turtle greats you with kindness)

I started this blog a year ago to showcase my art and opinions on art. Not only has this blog done that, but I now share thoughts on life, and on books, music and other random topics.

My focus is my art though. I love feedback and advice! Don’t be afraid to share it with me! I am a growing person and would rather learn now than later. I’m experimenting with mediums including colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, and pencil (doodles)

I also would like to say, that on this blog, you will see how book obsessed and movie obsessed I am. I like to discuss these, but for the more formal and deep stuff, go to my blog: Books and Stuff. Here, there is brief discussion and fandom stuff. My list includes Harry Potter, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Hunger Games, The 13th Reality, Divergent, Disney, Pixar, and many shows. 🙂

On this blog, I also share experiences in life, because life is like art in so many ways. We can shape our life, and we can enjoy it as well. So, I will also be retelling the most important experiences of life. This is my blog open to opinions and other things! I will have some cooperative feminism posts, but I’ll have random spurts of topics from science, to the social world, not politics, but maybe, quotes, religion, the list will go on!

Writing: I have a few pieces, (which are pretty horrible) but if you want to see my own writing, you can see them on my other blog, Books and Stuff. Once I finally get the courage to post them. *coughs shyly*

Thank you so much for visiting this blog, and for reading this page. You get a million high fives!

Please look through the my art category! I would really appreciate it!



(The little icon with the sunglasses that shows up on the tab bar is from a photographer on Tumblr, who I can’t find, but gets all the credit!)


10 thoughts on “About My Blog

    • isa13na says:

      Thank you! I bet you’re good at drawing! Remember: everyone has their own style! Now, if you want to improve, that’s always something you can aim to do.

  1. chloe_@freeasagirlwithwings says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I’m a relatively new blogger, too. *high five* This seems really cool. I’m not good at all at drawing, but I love to do portraits since I learned how in art class.
    My blog is mostly about writing and my novel, along with tips on daily life. Please follow and recommend my blog to your friends/family who might be interested. I’ll do the same for you. 🙂
    Great blog; it’s very neat.

    • isa13na says:

      I was reading the rest of your blog… It is very beautiful, and you’re a great writer. I try quick portraits of people but am too shy to show them…
      [clicks follow] I love all you’re GIF’s. I’ll tell friends!

  2. eviline_lunette says:

    Hey! Thanks for following my blog! I’d like to nominate you for the Liebster award. I love your posts and drawings, and I honestly think you deserve it, even though I’m still not entirely sure what it is. Here’s what the rules are:
    “For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, the Liebster Blog Award is an honorary award for beginner bloggers, to help them build their audience. Here are the rules:

    Post the award on your blog
    Thank the blogger who presented the award to you and link back to their blog
    Share 11 things about yourself
    Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person that nominated you
    Nominate 3-5/ 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
    Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer
    Notify your nominees by posting your nomination on their blog.”
    I didn’t write that. I couldn’t sound so fancy. But thanks!

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