Writing Blog?

Hi guys!

I haven’t really shared it, but I do write, even though I have never heard of Camp NaNoWriMo, if that’s what it’s called. I would like to share and receive advice as a young writer, but I’m not sure where to put it. Should I put it alongside my book reviews and analysis’s? Or keep writing on my art blog? Or should I start a whole new fresh blog (which I probably won’t do, two is quite enough).

I am quite troubled, but I really would like to share writing tips and links, and I would greatly appreciate your advice!




The Carrot Tree

So… A long time ago, Isa was bored, and decided she would write up a story on how the Carrot Tree became a carrot root. This was her way of entertaining herself for 30 minutes, and of contributing to a project with her friends. This project was a writing project, where every month, each would write a short story or chapter to an ongoing story and email it for the friends to see. Isa highly recommends trying this out.

So, here is Isa’s contribution from months ago…

     The Carrot Tree

Many years ago, the trees of the world held a meeting. Sequoia  brought it to order.

“Now, I hear that a few of you trees are tired of being picked every year”

“Oh, Yes sir!” groaned Carrot

“Mr. Sequoia,” said young Apple, “It does painfully hurt, but I do not mind giving my fruit to the humans who need it”

“Bah, Humans!” insisted Carrot, “They are horrible! Picking our fruit! Making it theirs! They don’t deserve it! Ever!”

“Now, Carrot,” began Orange.

“No! I Promise and Swear upon The Seeds that no Human shall ever pick from my branches again!”

And off Carrot went.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” said Redwood.

Nobody had Carrot’s fruit for a long time. People felt a need for Carrot’s fruit, but they just couldn’t get the fruit. Nobody but the Trees knew about Carrot’s oath.

Finally, Carrot was feeling lonely, neglected. He wished he had something that would bring him a bit of joy, and also take the weight of the ever-growing carrots on his branches, which felt like tearing of.

Since when was my fruit so heavy? Questioned Carrot.

Finally, all of Carrots fruit fell. There was so many that had grown, that it buried Carrot and the surrounding village. The villagers were half happy that Carrot’s fruit had finally fallen, but it was not expected that they would be buried under it.

The trees held another meeting.

Carrot, with his branches torn off, and all of his fruit gone, was to be discussed about his consequence. Dreading what it might be, and regretting his rash actions, he looked at the other trees. They had decided.

“Carrot,” proposed Sequoia,” you have acted rashly, and made your oath without thinking! You have buried you village in a pile of your fruit. For these reasons, we give you the following consequence.

You shall still help Humans survive with your ‘fruit’. It is important that each plant helps Humankind. But you shall loose the honor of being a Tree.”

“All right”

“You shall learn that even though it may be hard, we still help others.”

“I will”

And so carrot became a plant, and his fruit was now his roots.


Hope you enjoyed it! Also, I do highly recommend trying that out with your friends, it’s a great way to get feedback, and really push yourself to write and escape boredom.

Okay, I have a drawing I want to share, but I’m not finished, so stay tuned!






Art by me, Isa.

It’s based on this photo I found using Google:

SailingPhotoI used oil pastels, and I think it came out pretty okay. I usually only sketch, so pastels is  a bit different, though I have used them before. I wish the color would be a bit warmer, and stronger. Oh, well. Otherwise, I feel very happy about this.

As I go sailing

Towards a blazing sun

I see that the day is ending

But an adventure has begun.

That’s also by me, it just popped out of my head. 🙂

I hope you like it!


Pounding Rain

So, I was up in the middle of the night, not being able to sleep, and I started thinking about how when we move in life, we are cautious, but we also grow confident. In the end, I got up to write this poem/song.


Dancing in the Rain by annakoutsidou on DeviantArt http://annakoutsidou.deviantart.com/art/Dancing-In-The-Rain-364272527

As I put one foot in front of the other,

I make sure I don’t step on another,

Because that’s what kills them most.


But try as I might

The floors still creak

Tired of waiting.


And as I stand up

I feel only like

A cry of thunder in the pounding rain


But as I grow tall

I feel like it all

Just dies away in the pounding rain!


And though the floors still creak

I don’t feel so weak

My stand is firm!


But strong as I am

I won’t step on you.

By Isa