Consquences of Rain

So, it rained here all Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And this morning.

I come home from school, and it’s nice and sunny.

And I see…

Literally hundreds of worms who could not save themselves from the wrath of the sun. Scattered and crisp through out the street. Fried up, left to the sun’s rays.

It was a worm massacre.

If only… I could have saved them.

Stupid worms. Don’t wander so far from the grass!


The rain doesn’t last forever! Especially in a desert!

No rain pours for you!

No, young worms,

save yourselves,

from the wrath

of the coming sun.

(this has been a procrastination post in memory of the worms lives lost February 9 2015. )

Do you like worms? Do you like to save them, and stop their misery? Tell me in the comments below!



Pounding Rain

So, I was up in the middle of the night, not being able to sleep, and I started thinking about how when we move in life, we are cautious, but we also grow confident. In the end, I got up to write this poem/song.


Dancing in the Rain by annakoutsidou on DeviantArt

As I put one foot in front of the other,

I make sure I don’t step on another,

Because that’s what kills them most.


But try as I might

The floors still creak

Tired of waiting.


And as I stand up

I feel only like

A cry of thunder in the pounding rain


But as I grow tall

I feel like it all

Just dies away in the pounding rain!


And though the floors still creak

I don’t feel so weak

My stand is firm!


But strong as I am

I won’t step on you.

By Isa