Piano Doodle


I got a new sketch book!

and this was the first thing I drew.

It started as a doodle then I went over it with pen. I like it.

Okay, I added a lot of my art, I was absent for a while, but I hope you’re satisfied.

I know new posts come up first on you reader, so be warned, you are about to encounter a lot of new drawings.


Sing Us a Song

“You’re the Piano Man”

002 (2)Except that in this drawing, it’s not a man. Because I can’t draw men, guys, or boys. I’m getting so much better now though, and I’ve been practicing on Harry Potter and Percy Jackson (the characters).


Anyways, I love this song and it was stuck in my head a couple of days so I drew a piano!

I’ve never drawn one before, so it’s going under Doodle Exploration.