My Hero Monday: Stephanie Kwolek

So, I’m participating in the February My Hero Monday linkup! This was created by Chloe @ Free As A Girl With Wings, (click on the picture below) an awesome blogger and feminist, who created this linkup to acknowledge, celebrate, and learn about women from history, literature, movies an media! This month: Someone who invented something. Let’s begin!


Name: Stephanie Kwolek

Date of Birth: July 21, 1923 (died July 18, 2014)

Schools: She attended Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Institute of Technology (source, Google)

Where did I first hear about her?: I was reading a book about famous women inventors in the second grade, and her name came up. I thought that this woman was amazing, and what she made: Kevlar was simply fascinating, and it’s used in so many places!

What makes her one of my heroes? : Stephanie Kwolek had difficult times in her childhood, but she went on to become a scientist. Eventually, she discovered Kevlar, a super-strong plastic, 5 times stronger than steel,  that is made of polymers, and is used anywhere where strength is need under lot’s of weight. You can find Kevlar in armor, gloves, tires, shoes, ropes, race cars, and even some airplanes. There is no doubt that Kwolek made a huge contribution to science.

Quotes: “I don’t think there’s anything like saving someone’s life to bring you satisfaction and happiness.”

“I tell young people to reach for the stars. And I can’t think of a greater high than you could possibly get than by inventing something.”

 I hoped you liked this My Hero Monday! Check out all the other ones!


5 thoughts on “My Hero Monday: Stephanie Kwolek

    • Isa @ A Doodler's Freedom says:

      Sorry it took so long to reply! Yeah, from what I researched, I learned a lot more than from when I first learned about her, and I really like her. Yeah, it’s not very often, but it’s becoming more common! I like your suggestion though, I’ll do that some time probably.

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