Pastel Drawing: Dock at the Lake

So Shim just drew this amazing waterscape with pastels! It’s her first one! Let me tell you, pastels are HARD to… control. So give a round of applause to shim for being a great artist! Shim, can I use this as a background? Or something…

Through the Pencil Tip

IMG_0372-2 Yes, that’s kind of a dock-like thing, not a bridge that fell into the lake.

This is my first ever drawing done with oil pastels.  I’ve used chalk pastels before, but not oil ones, so to be completely honest, I have no clue what I was doing.  I kind of like the result, though.

I’m really, really happy with the colors on this one.  The water, and even some of that color on the mountains, and the sky… I loved it.  So, while this drawing isn’t perfect, I am fairly happy with it.


Time spent drawing: An hour or two?  I don’t really remember.
Medium: Oil pastels.
Reference images: I kind of typed into google, “Lake images” and another one with “Storm cloud images”, but I don’t think I used any one particular image.  I just kind of glanced through a bunch until I had an idea.

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