A very quick doodle of the amazing LUNA LOVEGOOD!

She’s such a precious character, and I’ve been seeing her all over Tumblr, so I was inspired. Stay tuned to Books and Stuff for a Luna post I look forward to sharing!

Gosh, IT’S BEEN SO LONG! I’ve had a very busy life. I’ve had… 3 orchestra concerts, a bunch of swimming, and choir, and homework… and finals which were soooooooooo stressful so my days were like:

Well, they were a bit better, but still. My science one was probably the hardest. I think I did very well on it though.

As for my concerts, i had an after school one were I got FOURTH CHAIR (out of 22)hows that. The front chair people were amazingly good, the violin one soloist though… was amazing! So I felt proud, I hope you guys get opportunities to really show your talents too, I bet just by blogging you guys already are!

Is anyone else just loving legend of Korra? Or, say that finale for ONCE UPON A TIME. I felt like crying where Belle did the unthinkable, just… *fangirls*

Anyways… thought I’d just catch you up. I have winter break coming, along with the anniversary of A Doodler’s Freedom! Yay!

Happy Holidays,



5 thoughts on “Loony

      • Nirvana says:

        Oh gods, I forgot this comment. *cringes*

        THE LOK FINALE WAS EPIC. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ACTUALLY OVER. And the way Asami and Korra went from hating each other to becoming such close friends was so sweet. #korrasami

        And I’m so happy that they gave Zhu-lie (is that how you spell it?) some character development. Just awesomeness.

    • Isa @ A Doodler's Freedom says:

      Thank you!!! You haven’t?! *grabs shoulders and shakes* You should! 🙂
      OH GOSH I’M DEAD FROM THAT EPISODE. We should definitely discuss.

      Okay cool! I think I saw that post, and I forgot to update! I’m following your new blog, which looks really awesome!

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