Friday Fact: UV Light and Sunscreen

I was always told that sunscreen was always the way to go, because it prevented skin cancer and spots on you skin. I am outside in bright sunlight for long periods of time in the summer, because of swimming. Also, for swimming, it’s not just my face that get’s affected.

Wear sunscreen, guys. It doesn’t take too long, at least rub some onto your face, and arms if exposed.

Also, the song in the background is really cool.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fact: UV Light and Sunscreen

  1. Chloe @ Free As a Girl With Wings says:

    The song is cool! 😛
    This is really…scary. Interesting, but scary. I mean, you can see where your skin is damaged! How is that not freaky??? Since I have a TON of freckles, I wonder how scarily freckly I’d be… XD
    Thank you, parents, for forcing me to wear sunscreen! And a hat! And sunglasses! (As you can probably tell, my parents are smart about this stuff, while I’m complaining about how the color of my hat clashes with my shirt. XD)
    Did you notice how the African-American woman had really healthy skin? That is interesting…

    • Isa @ A Doodler's Freedom says:

      Haha, exactly.
      I thought it was scary too, in an interesting way. Haha, that’s what I was thinking, about the freckles. I don’t have any, but I wondered how much a freckly person would.
      Amen to that! I didn’t like wearing hats, but I would do it sometimes, but ALWAYS sunscreen. Haha, yes it’s always the color.
      Yeah, people with darker skin did seem to be healthier, probably because that kind of skin is better adapted to the sun. I have darker skin, so I wonder how I would look like.

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