Writing Blog?

Hi guys!

I haven’t really shared it, but I do write, even though I have never heard of Camp NaNoWriMo, if that’s what it’s called. I would like to share and receive advice as a young writer, but I’m not sure where to put it. Should I put it alongside my book reviews and analysis’s? Or keep writing on my art blog? Or should I start a whole new fresh blog (which I probably won’t do, two is quite enough).

I am quite troubled, but I really would like to share writing tips and links, and I would greatly appreciate your advice!




9 thoughts on “Writing Blog?

  1. meganorussell says:

    Keep it on this blog and make a new category so people can sort through them more easily. And if you need advice you can always ask on writer blogs that interests you and see who writes back. Good luck!

  2. magicandwriting583 says:

    I think it’d make more sense to have it on the book blog, since reading is a VERY big part of writing, so they’re very related. And yeah, three blogs are hard to manage… I know. Usually one or two of mine gets abandoned, and I only write anything on one…

    • isa13na says:

      Thank you! Yeah, I’ve seen many book/writing blogs, and I think I’ll put it on Books and Stuff.
      Three blogs is hard to manage! I don’t understand those people with a blog, a Facebook, a Twitter, an Instagram, and a Tumblr. It’s quite amazing how someone can manage that.
      Thank you!

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