Friday FAct: Frawnhofer Lines

After watching an episode of COSMOS, which is very similar to NOVA, being mind-blowing science documentary things, Neil deGrasse Tyson explained something mind-boggling, and I found it very interesting.

Now, when you shine light through a prism, it comes out as a rainbow, or, to be specific, a spectrum.

When you shine light through a prism through a telescope, one scientist: Fraunhofer, discovered that dark lines appear in the spectrum. These are now known as Fraunhoffer lines.


The lines, it was discovered were actually the shadows of the electron in an atom. The number of shadows is the number of electrons in the atom that is in whatever you are shining light at. Therefore, if you shine light on a diamond, the spectrum has 6 shadows (carbon).

If this isn’t amazing enough, using light, we can find what the Observable Universe is made of, simply by shining light at it. Using light, it was found that The universe is made of all the same elements.



So, I hope you like this new Fact of the Week thing, I will try to keep up with it. A lot of it is for my benefit, just to write it down and see if I get it. But I hope you guys will all like it as well!



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